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Sweet Sixteen (2016)


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Pasang Iklan
Pasang Iklan
Description 11 months
Sweet Sixteen (2016)


Release: 2016


Director: Jo Jin-kyu

Cast: Xiao Tian(Han Geng) and Shu Yawang (Lu Shan) are childhood lovers. Xia Mu(Kris Wu) is a young boy with a traumatizing past who is tutored by Yawang. Xia Mu falls in love with Yawang. All three grow up together. The couple (Tian and Yawang) are near to being engaged. Tian goes off to become a soldier and Yawang goes to college. They get engaged. Once Yawang gets her job she is sexually harassed and raped by Qu Wei Ran (Joo Won) a boss at her work. Xia Mu shoots Wei Ran, but, the guy still lives. Xia Mu eventually turns himself in and gets 7 years in jail, and Yawang says she will wait for him. Tian is left alone.


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