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Pasang Iklan Disini Pasang Iklan Disini

SM Series: Beasts Cage (2008)


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Pasang Iklan
Pasang Iklan
Description 9 months
SM Series: Beasts Cage (2008)


Release: 2008


Director: -

Cast: Uehara of art teachers, cut off even companionship with colleagues from divorce to his wife, and had spent the day-to-day stern scrupulous. Such Uehara also met with Natsuko who works in the bar, I came to wish to marry her. Before long, Uehara that connects the physical relationship and Natsuko. However, the Natsuko was a man of a gangster named Seiji. In order to cut the hand that we need 100 million. Uehara was lower the savings, pass the money to Seiji. And Natsuko began to live in Uehara of the house. Uehara bitten and tightened the happiness in every day, but there was a suspicious shadow on Natsuko. One night, the Uehara told the suspicion to Natsuko, the chastisement and tied up her naked. At that time Uehara, felt the unprecedented intense excitement. Again Natsuko had continued the relationship between Seiji. Uehara who knew it, to confinement into the cage and the Natsuko naked. Uehara stare at the silliness of Natsuko to urination can not put up with the desire to void to sadistic. And Seiji also trick, confined in the same cage. And the captivity has been Natsuko and Seiji before, Uehara of ghastly revenge has begun


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